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Corrugated Water Pipes

CIPP (cured in place pipe)

For this method of trenchless technology, a special liner is filled with resin then pulled or blown into the pipe. Once the liner is in place, the resin hardens and provides a smooth seamless pipe that will allow it to flow freely. The life expectancy of CIPP is about 50 years, so once replaced, barring the unforeseen you will not need to worry about your sewer line for a long time to come.

Pipe bursting

This method of trenchless technology requires two holes and can be used for repair or replacement of short or long sections of sewer pipe. A cable is inserted into the pipe, and attached to a bursting head. It is then pulled through the existing sewer line, pushing away the old pipe while it inserts a new pipe in its place.

The biggest difference in these methods of trenchless pipe replacement is that CIPP reduces the diameter of your pipe. For most applications, this will not be a problem because CIPP is seamless, offering a smoother interior surface than the pipe it replaces. With pipe bursting trenchless technology, the diameter of the pipe being replaced can in some cases be increased. This can offer a greater flow of your pipes and is especially beneficial for businesses and large homes in the Seattle area. Best of all it avoids large excavations in your yard, gardens and cutting open walkways and patios. Additionally less labor time means cost savings to the customer.

Explore your options for excavation

After diagnosing the problem, our technician will suggest repairs based on their findings. Sometimes excavation services are the best course of action based on your unique circumstances. Pipe repairs or replacement can be performed on a variety of pipes, though it is most commonly used for sewer and water lines.

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